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3 Everyday Detox Habits

3 Everyday Detox Habits

Nobody can completely avoid exposure to environmental toxins.

But everybody can support their body’s ability to deal with them!

Let’s look at 3 simple habits to support everyday detoxification:


Even though sweat is 99% water, small amounts of heavy metals and bisphenol A (BPA) have been detected in sweat. You can promote sweating either by exercising vigorously or sitting in a sauna. Both will support detoxification.

2️⃣Cold Showers

Bursts of cold water stimulate circulation and a cascade of chemical messengers in the body to support immune function and detoxification. Make it a goal to end your shower with 30 seconds of cold and then work up to adding 30-second bursts 3 times during your shower.


Fiber and water work synergistically to support gut function and healthy bowel movements—which are absolutely essential for daily detoxification! Fiber-rich foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Your body was designed to detoxify. That means that even if you can’t entirely avoid the synthetic chemicals in our air, water, and foods, you CAN support your body in staying healthy despite all odds.

This post concludes our series on environmentally-driven illnesses. We hope it has given you some ideas and inspiration to live more clean and green so that you can reduce your risk of chronic illness.

If you have any concerns about your personal environmental exposures, we are here to help! All you need to do is call our office or book through our website to get started as a new client.

Tracey Mixon is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, certified functional medicine health coach, and Founder of Desire To Live Now. After a lifelong battle with autoimmune disease, Tracey was introduced to Functional Medicine in 2012 which not only transformed her health but her life. Tracey became a nurse practitioner to help anyone who desires to optimize their health with lifestyle medicine and combat health disparities amongst minority communities.

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