Is it Possible to Reduce my Medications

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, many who seek me out because they have a goal to reduce the amount of medications and physicians in their life.

I understand because when I lived a lifestyle of chronic dis-ease, I too was taking over 14 medications a day and saw a lot of physicians. It wasn’t only because I worked in a hospital. I mean I saw a lot of physicians as a patient.

Here were the physicians who provided my care before my transformation:

  • ER Docs– I was diagnosed with asthma, pulmonary sarcoidosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Certain times of the year I promise you I saw the ER docs at the local ER more than any of my other doctors. Yes, I was considered a frequent flyer. I was in the ER once or twice every 1-2 months. Many of those visits equaled an admission into the hospital.
  • Primary Care Practitioner-I guess it goes without saying that I saw my PCP on a regular basis. I saw her quarterly and as needed.
  • Pulmonologist- Again, having asthma and pulmonary sarcoidosis, I NEEDED a pulmonologist. I saw him quarterly and as needed.
  • Gynecologist-My PCP was my one doc shop for anything maintenance. After I turned 40, things began to get complicated so I was referred to a gynecologist. I saw her twice a year and as needed.
  • Cardiologist– I began seeing a cardiologist when one of my “flares” turned out to be a cardiac event. In the beginning, I saw him twice a year for 2 years, then annually for about 8 more years.
  • Rheumatologist-I began seeing a rheumatologist after the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. I saw him quarterly and as needed.
  • Ophthalmologist-I had an optometrist anyway for glasses, but I switched to an ophthalmologist because I began having vision problems due to a medication I was on and eventually needed eye surgery because of retinal holes. I saw him quarterly for a while then annually.
  • Dentist-The only doctor not related to my chronic illness. I saw him twice a year.
  • Chiropractor-The functional medicine practitioner I went to see was a chiropractor who had a nurse practitioner and a health coach that worked closely with him. I did a 6-month program with them.

Now the list of physicians I see today:

PCP-Again, she is my one doc shop annually for physicals and screenings.

Dentist-Twice a year for checkups and cleanings. It’s weird that I see my dentist more than any other doctor now.

Optometrist-Every other year for glasses.

Integrative Medicine Physician- Monitors my hormones, and nutrition. I see her annually.

Needless to say, the fewer doctors I had to see the fewer medications I had to take.

Contact Desire To Live Now for information on how you could possibly see fewer doctors.

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