Time For Spring Cleansing!

Spring is here and warmer weather is upon us, YAY! That means getting outside after months of being bundled up in hibernation from the surprisingly cold winter months, and wearing more revealing clothing.   I like to do my Orenda 10-Day …

Lifestyle-Based Medicine

The human body has an extraordinary ability to maintain its own health when provided with the right amounts of what it needs to be healthy and avoid or remove those things that aren’t healthy. Lifestyle medicine works to understand the …

10 Ways Your State of Mind Affects Your Immune System

Scientists once believed that the mind and the body were separate, that one didn’t influence the other. Today we know that isn’t the case. Your stress levels and general mental state can have profound effects on the efficacy of your immune system.

What Causes of an Unhealthy Gut?

There are many causes, and it’s likely that researchers will find more in the next few years. Fortunately, the causes of an unhealthy gut can be largely eliminated by making wise decisions about what you eat.