I’m Tracey Mixon a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and I help men and women over the age of 35 optimize and balance their immune and hormonal health naturally so they can overcome symptoms like joint pain, hair loss, hot flashes, brain fog, low sex drive, obesity, fatigue, night sweats and trouble sleeping.

After age 40, not only did I struggle with a couple of autoimmune diseases, I also struggled with hormonal imbalances and it was horrible. I had to sleep between 2 beach towels so my night sweats didn’t drench the bed. My periods became unpredictable, my brain fog was so bad I thought I was losing my mind. I had such severe fatigue I didn’t want to move, and I didn’t want to exercise, but even if I did, I wouldn’t lose any weight anyway. I have always been known for my long thick hair and not only did my hair begin to thin out, but I started having to hide bald spots.

I went from Dr. to Dr. Had labs run. But most of them told me that they couldn’t see anything wrong. Usually, they said my lab work was normal. But even though they couldn’t find anything, I was placed on medications for depression, anxiety, pain, and mood swings.

I began to wonder if it was all in my head or maybe I just needed to try harder…but what? My relationships were suffering with my family, my friends, and my co-workers. I was getting divorced, again. It seemed like people were always trying to get away from me and most of the time I really didn’t care. I didn’t feel good, I was frustrated, I was tired, and not motivated to hang on to anything.

I began to Google search for answers. I tried this and that but nothing seemed to work.  A lot of the information I came across was conflicting. I would find one very reputable, experienced, heavily credentialed person saying one thing and then find an equally reputable, experienced, heavily credentialed person saying the exact opposite.

So, I continued to dabble here and there and nothing was working. I was spending money I shouldn’t have and only getting at best minimal results.

I was referred to a Functional Medicine practitioner by a friend to mainly help me with autoimmune disease. I was skeptical because I had experienced so much disappointment in both the traditional medicine world and the holistic healing world. The functional medicine practitioner turned out to be something in between.

He ran a battery of tests on me. Some I had heard of some I had not. He helped me shed light on all that was going on with my hormones, my immune health, and my gut health. This information pointed me to the solutions I specifically needed to do. Not just general information intended for the masses.

In well under 90 days, I felt better, I functioned better, and I definitely looked better. Most of my symptoms were gone. I passively shed 25lbs of inflammation. I began weaning off medications. It seemed so unreal. Nothing ever worked before.  In the beginning, I was skeptical this would work.

When I began to see results, I was motivated to work harder. It was easy because I had energy and I felt better than I had in 20 years or so.

After I experienced my transformation, I had a desire to help others achieve their transformation.

I became a nurse practitioner and quit ER nursing. I worked and trained in holistic health clinics gaining knowledge, training, and experience helping people like me. People who are experiencing daily symptoms that affect their day to day life, their relationships, their careers, their state of mind, and are being told there is nothing wrong.

As a functional medicine nurse practitioner, I help you evaluate your health and get to the root of what you are dealing with to help you figure out where your symptoms are coming from and determine what your next big step will be.

No matter if your symptoms are fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, stubborn weight loss, or joint pain. I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you experiencing your transformation and overcoming fatigue, lose weight, improve your sex life, and function at your full potential.

God bless.