IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy

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Although Nutritional IV Therapy may be a new concept to you today, it is not new to many. Clinics throughout the world are using micronutrient therapy to enhance outcomes for their patients. In fact, these treatments have even made headlines with famous athletes and movie stars.

The idea of adding micronutrients to a person via IV is not a crazy thought when you better understand that cellular breakdown occurs when we lack adequate nutrition, hydration and oxygen. This is when negative symptoms of aging and illness occurs.

At Desire To Live Now, we specialize in the Myer’s Cocktail IV which was developed by Dr. John Myers, a Baltimore physician who pioneered the art of IV nutrition therapy. He designed it as a vitamin and detoxifying therapy.

We also specialize if IV vitamin C therapy including high dose vitamin C therapy protocols developed by the Riordan Clinic for adjunctive cancer care. (www.riordanclinic.org). Vitamin C is a major water-soluble antioxidant that helps to increase extracellular collagen production important for immune cell functioning. Contact us for more information.


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