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Hi, I’m Tracey Mixon, FNP-C Owner/Founder, Nurse Practitioner I help men and women over the age of 35 optimize and balance their nutrition, immune, gut, and hormonal health so they can overcome symptoms like joint pain, hair loss, hot flashes, …

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Words of praise by some of my valuable clients.

Tracey is excellent!
I have been seeing Tracey Mixon for over a year now and I love her! She is professional, knowledgeable, punctual, accommodating, supporting, personable and just a very kind and caring person. She is genuinely in this to help people. She is constantly seeking knowledge to stay on top of the ever changing medical/health world. It is very hard in these times to find someone in this field that really takes the time to know you and sincerely tries to help in every way but Tracey is that person. I feel a personal connection and know I can count on her.

I’m a colon cancer survivor. Over two years ago I had surgery to remove the cancer and I chose a holistic path after that rather than chemo. Tracey has been giving me high dose Vitamin C IVs for over a year now. She is always willing to accommodate my requests and she’s always sharing valuable and new knowledge to better my health. I feel like I have someone on my side. I would highly recommend Tracey. She’s one of a kind and I’m so blessed to have her on my team!

VC-Canyon LakePatient

Tracey Mixon is amazing!
Tracey Mixon has a bedside manner most patients never encounter these days anymore! She is so kind, understanding, supportive and respectful--"just what the doctor ordered" for my 85-year-old mother whose blood pressure shoots off the charts on the extremely rare occasions that she needs medical care. Tracey takes all the time needed to explain her observations, discuss history and consider alternative approaches to care. She stole my mom's heart when she responded to her question whether it's even worth treating the edema in her legs seeing how old she is, by leaning in and whispering emphatically, "YOU're worth it!"

EG-SeguinFamily of Patient

You won't regret it!
Quick background. I have chronic kidney disease and have had it for years. I was always tired and sluggish. When Tracey saw this she was 100% committed to helping me get my health back to where it needed to be. She set me up with a juice cleanse and gave a diet program to help me get all of my micronutrients. After 3 months not only did my kidney function improve but I feel great. Even better than what I felt like 10 years ago. Pay "Dr. Tracey" a visit.