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Experiencing fatigue?

Have hot flashes or night sweats?

Gaining Weight?

Do you struggle with sleep or motivation?

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You DO Have Control Right Now.

We can't stop aging! But we can... Be Proactive, Consider food "medicine" to heal the body, address blood sugar imbalances, improve heart health, boost the immune system, minimize inflammation, calm autoimmunity, and balance hormones! If this sounds like something you need - let's get started.

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Let's look at the
 America's Health Crisis... 

$3.5 Trillion was spent ANNUALLY on health care.

90% is on Chronic Health Conditions.

Double the amount of other developed nations.

70% of all deaths caused by the top 5 chronic diseases.

US ranked 37 out of 40 in health outcomes

Learn More about
Tracey Mixon

Tracey Mixon is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, certified functional medicine health coach,  and Founder of Desire To Live Now. After a lifelong battle with autoimmune disease, Tracey was introduced to Functional Medicine in 2012 which not only transformed her health...

Rollercoaster Ride

"The services I have received have literally transformed my body and even more... my lifestyle. I started my journey in January of 2021. Nine months later (and beyond), I have trimmed 2-inches off of my waist, reduced my weight by 24 lbs, and I am no longer pre-diabetic. My pics can show you better than I can tell you"

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